• Here are some resources help you create the perfect transfer. To avoid any delays, please follow the art specs below. Templates are provided for your convenience and pressing instructions will help you apply the transfer onto your garment quick and easy.

  • Starting a garment printing business using a heat transfer machine is gaining popularity and is highly profitable business. Now is the time to start. The initial step to planning your business is to create a business plan. Begin by asking yourself:

  • 1. How will I sell my products ? (Online, storefront or from home)

    2. What is my budget?

    3. Do I have space to operate from home or can I afford a work space?

    4. How will I market my business? (Print, direct mail, social media, word of mouth etc.)

  • If you plan on selling your shirts online, you dont have to worry about rent but you do need adequate storage for your garments as well as operating space for your computer workstation and for your heat press. You will also need to obtain a unique web domain name and start designing your e-commerce website for your online customers. You should also consider budgeting for online advertising on popular social media websites or search engines. This may require a small business loan in order for you to get started. Check with your local Small Business Association for help.

  • Another consideration is forming an LLC (limited liability corporation) to protect your presonal assets as well as setting up business insurance to protect you from any liabilities that may occur. This is also a dood time to register your business name with your state.

  • When starting out, get the best heat press you can afford for your buddet, prices range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size, style and amenities of the heat press. Once your business becomes profitable, you can always updrade your equipment if so desired. Other equipment required are a PC/MAC for designing/artwork prep, a printer to print shipping labels, shipping supplies (bags, boxes, tape, etc), various tools like scissors, an X-Acto knife, heat transfer tape, and teflon sheets for the heat press.

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