• 1. Set heat transfer temperature to 315°F or 158°C
    2. Load shirt onto heat press (if possible slip the shirt onto platen so that only top layer of shirt is in contact)
    3. Set pressure to medium
    4. For optimum adhesion, we recommend pre-pressing shirt for 5 seconds to release any moisture from garment.
    5. Place heat transfer onto garment in correct location and lay a teflon sheet over top
    6. Press for 12-15 seconds
    7. Peel warm, for best results peel cold in slow smooth motion.
    8. Post-press for an additional 2-4 seconds to remove any additional adhesive if necessary and to seal the edges.

  • 1. It is recommended to test press your garment, especially if it is anything other than cotton, or cotton poly blend

    2. High quality heat presses are recommended to ensure even heating upon the platen

    3. If transfer does not adhere properly, the fabric may not be suitable or the press may have uneven heating (try to turn the shirt around and used a different side of the platen)

    4. These instructions are general default instructions, you may have to test and adjust settings according to your heat press

    5. GPTransfers provides extra transfers for you to experiment with your settings